Starting in Sharjah in the UAE the BEEAH Group Invests in Innovative and Unique Techniques to Harness Clean Energy, Through its Vertical, BEEAH Energy

Recognizing the importance of renewable energy sources in building a sustainable future


In its search for alternative sources, BEEAH Energy identified waste-to-energy as an untapped energy source of great potential in the UAE and the Middle East; as it resolves the region’s issue of waste accumulation while generating large amounts of renewable energy.
Following some pictures of the BEEAH Headquarters:

Emirates Waste to Energy Company

In 2017, BEEAH Energy formed a partnership with Masdar to form the Emirates Waste to Energy Company (EWTE), the UAE’s first venture dedicated to waste-to-energy developments. Building on the complementary skills of the two regional leaders, the joint venture is aimed at setting up waste-to-energy projects across the region.

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Sharjah Waste to Energy plant

The Sharjah Waste to Energy plant is the inaugural project of the Emirates Waste to Energy Company. In combination with BEEAH’s integrated waste processing and material recovery, the plant has increased Sharjah’s landfill waste diversion from 76% to over 90%, the highest in the Middle East. The facility has a capacity of processing 300,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill every year while generating 30 MW of clean energy, equivalent to meeting the power needs of 28,000 homes.

Solar Landfill (Under Development)

As Sharjah approaches a zero-waste to landfill reality, the landfill managed by BEEAH will no longer be necessary. To utilise this land while supporting a clean energy future, the Emirates Waste to Energy Company will be capping the landfill and installing a solar field above it, a first-of-its-kind innovation in the Middle East. The project comprises three phases and when complete, will produce 120 MW of clean energy.
Waste to Hydrogen Project (Under Development)

BEEAH Energy is currently developing a concept for our waste-to-hydrogen plant, which when complete will be the first of its kind in the Middle East. The facility aims to convert plastic waste and waste wood to produce fuel-cell grade green hydrogen, the emissions-free fuel of the future. The plant is envisioned to supply green hydrogen to an on-site fuelling station, which will in turn fuel a large fleet of hydrogen trucks to support zero-emissions transportation.