KAVG - a modern municipal waste management company in the Minden-Lübbecke district

Closing material cycles through the interplay of waste utilisation and renewable energy generation.


KAVG - a modern municipal recycling company
The district of Minden-Lübbecke relies on its own municipal company for waste disposal. This is the declared political will of the district council. KAVG KreisAbfallVerwertungsGesellschaft mbH Minden-Lübbecke was established in its current organisational form in January 2017 and covers all areas of operational waste management. KAVG proves that municipal companies can also work efficiently and competitively - all for the benefit of the shareholder. And that is none other than the citizens of the Minden-Lübbecke district.

Who is KAVG
 100% district subsidiary
Controlled by supervisory board
IHK training organisation
10 locations (incl. CHPs)
Specialised waste
management company:
Disposal and recycling
of waste from the district
of Minden-Lübbecke
 Team with over 135
employees (and growing)
5 trainees in various professions
 Modern and efficient
processing plants
Environmentally friendly processes

The path of waste
Process of Mechanical- Biological waste
The treatment of mixed municipal and commercial waste in the MBT plant

Exhaust air
 Landfilling of the
compost discharge

  • Ferrous metals Delivery to metal smelters (smelting for further utilisation)
  • Non-ferrous metals Delivered to metal smelters (smelting for further utilisation)
  • Organic residues Further treatment in fermentation plant for biogas production
  • Refuse-derived fuels (RDF) Thermal utilisation in a combined heat and power plant to generate energy (process steam)

 Magnetic Cutter
 Vibratory Sieve

 Fermentation processes

 Fermentation plant    
     Conversion of organic residues into biogas
   Combined heat and power plant  
    Utilisation of biogas to generate heat and electricity for Pohlsche Heide
    Feeding surplus electricity into the public grid
    Digestate treatment 
    Downstream rotting process
    Climate and environmentally friendly storage in the landfill site
Thermal utilisation of Refuse-Derived fuels in KAVG's combined heat and power plant

 RDF loading area of the MBT plant  Delivery of RDF to the HKW in Karlstraße in Minden

  •      Approx. 60% of the treated commercial waste
  •     Approx. 40% of the treated household waste
  •      100% from non-hazardous waste!
  •     Contaminated PPK (paper, cardboard, cardboard packaging)
  •     Various plastics
  •     Non-separable composite materials
  •     Non-wearable textiles
  •  Thermal utilisation in combined heat and power plants (thermal energy for steam generation)
Combined heat and power plant - Minden
Implementation of the recycling concept: Utilisation of substitute fuels from the Pohlsche Heide into Thermal energy in the form of process steam
Commissioning: 2002
Boiler output:
15 MW
 RDF capacity: 40,000 t/a
 Steam production: 18 t/h