Clean Cities in North Italy

It was incredible how clean the cities in North Italy were - despite the huge number of tourists.

Werner P Bauer

During a vacation trip in Trieste, Padua, Fiesole, Florence, Modena and 2 months later in Venice I was wondering about how how little (going to zero) waste is lying around. It was incredible how clean the cities were. Despite the huge number of tourists, the public garbage bins were never overflowing. There were never bottles lying next to them and the larger trash and recycling garbage cans were always (that is what I saw) clean. For this reason, I would like to express my special respect to the many people in charge in the Italian cities. These observations are also valid for holidays and at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

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I wondered how the streetcleaning authorities of the Italian cities manage to achieve this high level of urban cleanliness and am looking for more information from the city managers.


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In all likelihood, the findings about cleanliness in Italian cities reproduced above are related to the fact that in Italy there is a culture, developed for centuries, of having a quick coffee at the bar in cafes. Disposable plastic cups also exist, but their use is less widespread than in Germany, for example.  

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