Traffic routing at the recycling center Markt Schwaben, Germany

Visitor traffic and recycling yard logistics are completely separated here.

Building Authority of Markt Schwaben, Germany

Superordinate traffic management 
In order to enable the entire area for private deliveries to be entered and driven through by both normal cars and cars with trailers without having to drive back, the access area to the recycling center is equipped with two entrance gates.

Visitors (red arrows) unloading mass fractions such as bulky waste, wood waste, metal scrap, garden waste can use the seven stopping areas for longitudinal parkers arranged on the left-hand side via the main access road and drop the recyclables into the adjacent large containers parked underneath the retaining wall. A further seven stopping areas for longitudinal parkers are arranged on the right-hand side. The adjacent area for small and medium-sized containers is intended for the delivery of small fractions and inert materials.

Container vehicles (blue arrows) use the 2.5 m lower logistics level to pick up the large containers. They are also directed counterclockwise through the recycling center and exit the recycling center in a south-eastern direction.
Traffic routing to and from the Markt Schwaben recycling center (red arrows visitors; blue arrows logistics) 
Separation and control of traffic flows
Full containers should also be loaded and transported away by the container vehicles during the opening hours of the recycling center without endangering the visitors of the recycling center. For this reason, the internal traffic flows will be largely separated both from a traffic and safety point of view. A distinction is made between:
Stowage areas on non-public area
By separating and directing the traffic flow for private deliveries counterclockwise, the backlog on the public road, which up to now has sometimes obstructed traffic, can be eliminated even at times of high visitor traffic through a backlog zone of about 200 m length.

Separate traffic flow of WEEE, small fractions and used goods
Old electrical appliances, used goods and small fractions are delivered via an advanced entrance directly in front of the premises. After passing the access barrier, citizens enter the advanced parking zone, which can be accessed by trailers.

Receiving point for WEEE and others

Access and exit barriers 
At the recycling center, fractions subject to fees are to be handled without cash payment in the future. This can be realised by means of an entry barrier, where a card is taken before the barrier is opened and which is then cancelled again when leaving the area. Fees for recyclable material fractions are charged to the card. Visitors to the recycling center pay this amount in cash or by credit card at the pay machine.
This technical facility makes it possible to provide special passes for the industry and thus significantly improve the processing in the recycling center.

Markt Markt Schwaben
Schlossplatz 2
D - 85570 Markt Schwaben


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