Recovery from Agricultural Waste in India

Refrigeration powered by small scale gasification of biomass waste from the farm by New Leaf Dynamic Technologies, INDIA

New Leaf Dynamic Technologies

There is 30-40% Post Harvest Loss (PHL) in the Indian horticulture sector which amounts to $14 billion annually. The cold storage systems can reduce this waste significantly but there are barriers to it which are high fuel cost or unavailability of fuel to power refrigeration units at remote locations, unreliable electricity and lack of capacity to operate such refrigeration units.
New Leaf Dynamic Technologies established in 2012 have come forward with an innovative technology GreenCHILL which is refrigeration technology powered by biomass generated from the farm waste. The technology qualifies for zero carbon emissions and it is reducing post-harvest losses by re-use of farm waste instead of burning it. The refrigeration is used for the cooling of fruit, vegetables and flowers, at the village or farm level. This allows farmers to store their produce from a few days to months until they can get profitable market prices.
New Leaf manufactures around five units a month and their key suppliers are Danfoss to procure all refrigeration line equipment (R717 solenoid valves, electronic expansion valve, NRV’s, etc.), Wilo for water pumps for recirculation of hot and cold water. The system uses any type of biomass as input like husk, straw, biogas, waste wood, coconut shells, bamboo, pellets, or dry grain/pulse/vegetable Stems. The waste in the powder form can also be used directly. The 25 kW updraft gasifier requires approx. 70 kgs of feed per day which can support 4 TR cooling capacity.
Farmers have been successfully operating the units installed at their farms. The Farmers buy GreenCHILL cold storage of 10 MT, 15 MT, or 20 MT capacity to cold store fruits, vegetables, or flowers right after harvest. Farm waste generated from their farms (typically 5–6 acre farm size is enough to power.
GreenCHILL unit throughout the year) is being used to run the cold storage. This brings down the cooling cost to almost zero. further, a 24x7 on-call after-sales service team is available to do any maintenance work if needed.
The use of GreenChill has reduced the cooling cost by 1/4th, for example, if GreenChiill stores 15 MT lemons at 8 deg C for 60 days then cost of cooling using GreenCHILL is approximate INR 4,000 (60 USD) when the price cost of biomass  (husk, etc.) is taken at INR 1 – 2 per kg. Whereas for the same capacity conventional compressor cold storage will generate electricity/diesel bill of approx. INR 25,000 (300 USD). GreenCHILL unit can achieve up to 30 tons of carbon savings per year. The farmers using the technology experienced a 60% decrease in post-harvest losses and they have earned more up to 3 times on the single crop.
New Leaf operates as B2B and B2C in the Indian market and they provide a full range of services like marketing, sales, manufacturing, after-sales service, provide post-harvest management service and forward market linkage. They range of customers includes farmers & farm producer companies, retailers, aggregators and food processors and GreenCHILL 15 MT unit costs farmer INR 12,00,000 (15 - 16 K USD) inclusive of all taxes.

GreenCHILL has installed 35 units till now and in future aims for expansion through partnership in Asian Market and other sub-continents where need can be justified by sales to Industries or Food Processing Industries where waste heat or raw waste generated on daily basis can power refrigeration units free of cost. The various applications of GreenCHILL technology are Cold Storage Room Pre-Cooler Chamber, Ripening Chamber, Mushroom Growing Chamber, Bulk milk cooling, Dryer Unit, Air-Conditioning from waste heat, ice Maker units. 


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