Composting of Organic Waste at the Simmozheim Waste Disposal Plant, Germany

With the introduction of the GORE® Cover technology in 2014, the composting plant could be standardized to such an extent that in 2019 the AWG received the quality seal for organic compost. Due to the high level of satisfaction with the technology, a second plant has already been put into operation in the district.

AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH

Name of the plant: Simmozheim Composting Plant
Plant operator: AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH
Built by: UTV AG
Initial operation: July 2014
Technology: enclosed (membrane cover), triangular heap composting with controlled air supply
Input: garden and park waste
Output: secured compost, grain size 0-20 mm
Capacity: 4,000 t/a
Process temperature: 4 weeks approx. 60 - 70 °C
Aeration system: On-floor pressure aeration, oxygen-controlled with 1.4 kW aerators
Number of heaps: 3
Size of the heaps: 25 m x 8 m x approx. 3.5 m - i.e. up to 500 m³ per box
Duration: 4 weeks intensive rotting, 2 weeks post-rotting
Collection area of the plant: District of Calw, 156,000 inhabitants
Compost quality: quality-assured finished compost
Special structural or operational features: On-floor aeration system due to construction on a landfill body in the shut-down phase

Why was the technology chosen? With this technology, a quality assured compost can be produced within only 6 weeks. Better process monitoring (temperature and oxygen probes) and a structured workflow, both supported by software. The temperature monitoring, which is in the meantime required by law, is being implemented. The Gore® Cover has an odor-reducing effect and serves as a weather protection.
How satisfied are you with the system? Because we were very satisfied with the plant technology, a second composting plant based on the UTV-process was built at our Walddorf Waste Disposal Plant in 2018.
What happens with the compost? Purchasers are hobby gardeners of the district of Calw, plant soil companies and landscaping businesses.
Future perspective: Expansion of the user group to include agriculture and especially organic farming.
If possible, the processing of all organic waste from the district itself.
Piling of heaps
Turning over of heaps
Heaps covered by GORE® Cover
Aeration system

Rolled up GORE® Cover for turning over heaps

AWG Abfallwirtschaft Landkreis Calw GmbH
Gäualle 5
D - 72202 Nagold

phone:+49 7452 6006 7074

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Composting of Organic Waste at the Simmozheim Waste Disposal Plant, Germany