Performance increase with DD-Jet water-jet cleaning in WtE plant at Zhuhai, China

Dublix received the first major order from China by SUS-CITICPE for a water-jet boiler cleaning system at the Zhuhai state-of-the-art Waste to Energy plant (WtE).

Dublix Technology

WtE Plant in Zhuhai

The WtE plant is located at Eco Industrial Park in Doumen District of western Zhuhai, China. It occupies an area of 106ha (1,592mu), where the modern waste-to-energy plants, sewage sludge treatment plant and other facilities for treating food waste, medical waste, wastewater as well as an environmental education center are to be established.  

Capacity: 2×600 t of waste per day (394,000 t of waste per year)
Operation: since 2016
Boiler/combustion system supplier: SUS/HZI

Revamping project with water-jet boiler cleaning


Boiler fouling leads to increased flue gas temperatures. At the time, the boiler load must be reduced if temperatures at the superheater inlet (convective pass) exceed 650 C. This measure is required to avoid increased superheater corrosion. The installation of the self-propelled turning DD-jet cleaning in the second pass will reduce flue gas temperatures and improve the overall performance and availability of the plant. This case is an example of new efforts in China not only to develop new built projects for sustainable waste treatment, but also to invest in the performance increase of existing plants.

More Information & Operation Videos regarding DD-Jet™ - Boiler Cleaning can be found here:



Example of installation with multiple cleaning positions

The DD-Jet system needs openings in the roof of the boiler. The self-rotating nozzle is fixed on a hose, which is unrolled from a reel/drum above the boiler. The reel can be moved on a monorail in order to be used at multiple cleaning positions. In that way, the system can easily be retrofitted to existing boilers, where water-jet cleaning was originally not foreseen. 


S-shape monorail for positions both sides of the boiler drum

For revamping of existing plants, it is often most practical to make first tests before investing into an automated installation. For that purpose, the boiler cleaning can be made with a mobile system in order to confirm the reduction of flue gas temperatures and assess the potential of performance increase.



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