Waste-to-Energy Plant Pozzilli (ENERGONUT), Italy

The ENERGONUT plant near Naples was originally erected in 1997 for the combustion of biomass. In 2005, the customer decided to modify the plant to combust so-called substitute fuels (RDF/CDR) and to upgrade it to state-of-the-art technology, particularly with regard to flue gas cleaning and utilization of energy.

Comprehensive modification measures were undertaken, including the replacement of the combustion system, the boiler and various auxiliary units. Restart and commercial operation of the plant followed at the end of 2007.The customer's design requirements included maximum flexibility of the plant and a combustion system capable of combusting substitute fuels with a heating value ranging from 10.9 to 17.5 MJ/kg, without necessitating further measures. MARTIN decided on the reverse-acting grate Vario equipped with three separate, individually-regulated drive zones. The fulfilment of these requirements without a water-cooling system for the grate surface poses no problem whatsoever for this grate.


The MARTIN reverse-acting grate Vario is designed for a nominal throughput of 13.4 t/h. It has three grate runs and a total width of approximately 6.7 m.