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Partner with WtERT to enhance your brand.

Partner with WtERT to enhance your brand.

Your waste expertise can make a vital contribution to a better global waste management. By sharing your experience with a growing community of experts, it could also make an extraordinary difference to your individual business.

WtERT aim, is to stimulate a big change in solid waste managementĀ“s communication.

Besides 3R-strategies also energy recovery, tax solutions and landfill bans should be involved. WTERT is committed to providing the opportunity for interested stakeholders to make their decisions  based on the best modern technology available, on scientific and practical information that is free from ideologies. 


The open knowledge architecture of the WtERT Decision Support System enables that a wide range of diverse solutions support participating global players in making better MSW decisions. 

This platform, utilized by more and more international decision makers, will enhance a knowledge exchange about material AND energy recovery techniques, tax instruments AND political solutions. This finally, help ensure the mitigation of GHG emissions.


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