The Future of the World Depends on How Openly We Work Together

Developing the WtERT Network to be an agile and transformative working community is an ongoing process. We therfore encourage all WtERT members and friends to discuss with us how WtERT will create and share knowledge to support sustainable waste management on a global scale.

Our Vision

The WtERT vision describes a pictorial target, a scenario in the future. 

We all live in a circular society where nothing is wasted.


Our Mission

The WtERT mission describes the purpose of our network which sums up why it exists and what positive contribution we make to society, environment and partners. ​The mission should be defined as openly as possible, not to limit the network´s scope for action .

In the WtERT Community we enhance the ability to understand, witness and raise awareness of existing problems and solutions in the field of waste and resource management.  We stimulate a significant change in communication of solid waste management - for the benefit of our environment and  humanity.


Our Values

The WtERT Values should reflect the basic beliefs of the people heading the WtERT national organizations. They express important emotional components of the WtERT identity as well as expectations: ​What does WtERT believe in?​

  • Valuing life​!
  • First environment - second individual interests.
  • Most likely, there is already a solution to the problem somewhere in the world.
  • Economics of projects must include the "external” environmental costs.
  • Building knowledge requires communication, appreciation and co-creativity.
  • Open Source!
  • Sharing/ open to others that helps the regions and individuals on the best practices of  waste management.
  • Imagine the potential of a collective global brain concentrating on sustainable waste management.​
  • Power is gained from sharing knowledge, not from hoarding it. ​

Werner P. Bauer, Managing Director WtERT Germany GmbH